Local Renewables Series

Since 2007 the Local Renewables conference series represents an international forum for discussion and exchange among policy-makers from various level of government, energy experts, energy services providers, researchers and business representatives.

Every year the Local Renewables Conference analyses a different topic linked to renewable energy such as local action for secure and sustainable energy in Europe (2007), urban policy and public planning (2009), sustainable mobility (2010), green buildings (2011), smart grids and smart solutions (2012), and regional development through energy transition (2014).

The conference series aims to advance the switch to renewable energy sources and accelerate sustainable development. Local Renewables achieves this through showcasing ground-breaking ideas and approaches to reduce energy consumption while enhancing energy efficiency in cities and towns.

Past Local Renewables Conferences

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2012 Cities and Regions Explore Smart Grids and Smart Solutions
2011 Sustainable Buildings and Renewable Energy
2010 Sustainable Urban Mobility
2009 Sustainable Urban Policy and Planning for the Post Carbon Age
2007 Sustainable Urban Energy
2014 Regional development through energy transition