Climate Legacy

Solar water heater to be installed on hospital in Bhubaneswar (India)

Each conference inevitably creates greenhouse gas emissions since participants must travel, and consumes natural resources during the event, such as electricity, paper, etc.

Therefore, each participant to the conference contributed 15 to offset these emissions.

The money collected will be used for installing a solar water heating system in Bhubaneswar (India). It will provide 200 litres of hot water per day to the local hospital for sterilisation and hygiene purposes. Lower income groups use the establishment.  

Currently an electric heater provides hot water. The new solar system will reduce the electricity need of the hospital by about 9000 kWh/ Year. It will reduced greenhouse gases produced by electricity generation. In addition it will reduce the hospital energy bill which is now 12% of its total operating costs.

The project has been selected due to increase in the quality of life of the residents of Bhubaneswar and the quality of the data provided by the city.

Bhubaneswar is also part of the Local Renewables Model Community project and has made a commitment to become a regional leader on sustainable energy.