Freiburg - a solar city

The dictum “Think globally – act locally” is nowhere as tangible as in municipal environmental politics. The protection of our natural living conditions, a transportation policy that is agreeable for both humans and the environment, climate protection and the use of renewable energies have been focal points of Freiburg’s municipal politics for years. They are the guarantee for an urban quality of life and a sustainable urban development. At the same time they are the local building blocks for a global eco-policy. Climate protection is a global problem for which we have to find local and regional solutions.

A municipal environmental protection policy needs many partners – partners from among the citizens, from the economy, the lobbies and the institutions. It can only be successful through good cooperation. Therefore a municipal environmental policy and the networks it entails are an important location factor. Environmental economics – first and foremost the practical use of solar energy or wind energy – is a growing part of the economical life of the city with new and interesting employment opportunities.

Dr. Dieter Salomon, Lord Mayor

A video on Freiburg and Renewable Energy

An interview with Mr. Dresel, from Freiburg Environment Department describing the history of Freiburg commitment to Renewable Energy and its present.