Freiburg, the solar hub of Germany

The City of Freiburg is internationally well-known for its environmental approach and its extensive use of solar energy and other renewable sources. This award-winning city is an exemplary and qualified host for this conference.



Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe (FWTM)

FWTM is an enterprise belonging to the city of Freiburg.  The extent of FWTM's work ranges from the promotion of trade and tourism, the hosting of congresses and conferences, trade shows, markets and major events.  FWTM uses its range of services to address the needs of the citizens and guests of Freiburg, the city and regional economy and the organisers of trade shows, congresses, conferences and cultural events.


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

Freiburg is also the Host City of the ICLEI European Secretariat. ICLEI Europe works with more than 180 members - local governments committed to sustainable development. Through partnership with ICLEI, Freiburg is an active participant in the Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Campaign and the Local Renewables Initiative (LRI). These two international ICLEI activities provide the foundation of the conference and will support the dissemination of outcomes.



Solar Info Center

The Solar Info Center is the central hub of a network of numerous researchers, engineers, architects and production designers actively supporting a future energy supply based on solar energy and other renewables, here in Freiburg, the "solar capital."  The Center consolidates this network into a set of contacts for those interested in getting more information.


Solare Zukunft

Solare Zukunft (Solar Future) is a registered association who's work is concentrated upon education and training in the renewable energy sector, as well as upon development work in conjunction with partners in developing countries with an interest in solar projects.




badenova is the largest energy provider enterprise in South Baden.  badenova originated from the fusion of numerous local and municipal energy providers. Today, a number of these municipalities rank among badenova's main shareholders. With a team of over 1000 employees, badenova provides natural gas, electricity, water and heat to customers throughout the region.


Thüga Group

The Thüga Group is Germany's largest network of energy providers.  The partners in the Group work together to increase their competitiveness, capitalising on the potential for synergism wherever possible.  This is advantageous for the customers of the Group's partners, who profit from the size and knowledge base of the group while still being served locally by their trusted energy provider.


Sparkasse Freiburg - Nördlicher Breisgau

Sparkasse Freiburg - Nördlicher Breisgau is the largest independent credit institute in the region.  They take responsibility for the social and economic development of the region, having invested 223 million Euros in 2007 alone, into various projects to maintain and improve the quality of life in the region.  Sparkasse Freiburg - Northern Breisgau also shares in a responsibility for an ecological future, as well as in education and science, and in addition, is a supporter of the arts and culture.



Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

ISE is the largest solar energy research institute in Europe, with a staff of approximately 500. The ISE conducts research on the technology needed to supply energy efficiently and that is environmentally sound in industrialised, threshold and developing countries. The Institute's work ranges from fundamental scientific research relating to solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems. The Institute plans, advises and provides know-how and technical facilitation as services.


Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

REN21 is a global policy network that provides a forum for international leadership on renewable energy. Its goal is to bolster policy development for the rapid expansion of renewable energies in developing and industrialised economies. REN21 connects governments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations, industry associations, and other partnerships and initiatives across the energy, development and environment sectors.



The GTZ is an international co-operation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GTZ promotes complex reforms and change processes, often working under difficult conditions. Its corporate objective is to improve people's living conditions on a sustainable basis.

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign (SEEC)

SEEC is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme, which will contribute to achieving the European Union's energy policy targets within the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels.  It aims to raise public awareness and promote sustainable energy production and use among individuals and organisations, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies, industry associations and NGOs across Europe.


International Solar Energy Society

ISES has been serving the needs of the renewable energy community since its founding in 1954. A UN-accredited NGO present in more than 50 countries, the Society supports its members in the advancement of renewable energy technology, implementation and education all over the world. ISES encourages the use of renewable energies everywhere, brings together industries, institutions and industries in the promotion of renewable energies, and supports development work and the furthering of solar energy science.


European Association for Renewable Energy (Eurosolar)

Eurosolar promotes the total replacement of nuclear and fossil fuel energy with Renewable Energy sources, regarding a total solar energy supply as essential for a sustainable economy.  Eurosolar acts to change conventional political priorities and common infrastructure in favor of Renewable Energy, from the local to the international level, bringing together expertise from the fields of politics, industry, science, and culture to promote the introduction of solar energy.


World Wind Energy Association (WWEA)

WWEA is an international non-profit association embracing the wind sector worldwide, with members in 90 countries. WWEA works for the promotion and worldwide deployment of wind energy technology, providing a platform for the communication of all wind energy actors worldwide.  They advise and influence national governments and international organisations as well as provide international technology transfer.


World Wind Energy Institute (WWEI)

WWEI is a worldwide decentralised network of existing training and research centres specializing in wind energy and integrated renewable energy technology.  The network offers an integrated ten month global training and education programme aimed at postgraduate students from around the world.


International Geothermal Conference (IGC)

IGC is one of the leading events for geothermal developers, finance providers and policy makers. The conference provides key information on international tendencies and puts the focus on national and international market development, project financing and risk management. The 5th International Geothermal Conference will take place in Freiburg on April 27-28th, 2009. Alongside international market development, the conference will focus on risk management or probability of success, project financing, power plant engineering and EGS.