Sustainable Urban Mobility is THE challenge of today!

As the move towards e-vehicles begins to gather pace, cities around Europe
and the world must ask and answer a number of key urban mobility
questions. The Local Renewables Freiburg 2010 Conference was the perfect
time and place to stop scratching the surface of these issues and truly
examine and probe a sector that is constantly in flux.

In workshops and panels the following questions have been raised and solutions sought:

  • Biofuels or e-mobility or both? What are the perspectives?
  • E-mobility for urban areas and infrastructure changes - what is needed to make it happen?
  • E-mobility and renewable energy for transport – adequate supply and demand?
  • What role can renewables play in public transport and car-sharing?
  • Changing fuels or changing patterns – how to achieve real sustainable urban mobility?


Several participants from local governments in Europe and worldwide, decision-makers from various levels of government, energy service providers, business representatives, as well as experts on sustainable energy and urban mobility have met to discuss, exchange, learn and get ideas for local policy and local action, framework conditions, infrastructure and technological developments at Local Renewables Freiburg 2010.

With participants coming from 28 Countries, the conference had a truly international flavour. It drew people from as far afield as Bolivia, South Korea and Iran to Freiburg – one of Europe’s hot spots for Solar Energy and a model-city when it comes to providing citizens with sustainable transportation.

Please click on the following link to download the Final Participants List.


Opportunities for the participants of this conference included:

  • Keynotes, plenaries and thematic workshops on the role of renewables in sustainable urban mobility: participants found and got inspired by innovative ideas from experts and advanced cities about renewable energy and energy efficiency in mobility and learned proven methods and technologies;
  • Study tours: participants got an inspiring and practical insight of the opportunities and initiatives in the perfect setting of Freiburg Green City for exploring the integration of local renewable energy into urban transport;
  • Networking & interaction with the Solar Summit: participants met researchers, local government and business representatives. An outstanding opportunity to connect, discuss, transfer know-how and collaborate with your peers and with people with a more technical perspective to accelerate progress.