09:00 – 10:00    Plenary 4

 Integrated sustainable urban mobility concepts and renewable energy

After a summary of highlights from previous day, a discussion of experiences has followed on the roll-out and integration of local renewables in urban transport. Its focus has been on how to accelerate the market for renewable energy and its practical implementation in European cities.

Facilitator: Christof Timpe, Head of Energy and Climate protection Department, Öko-Institut 

Summary of discussion highlights from previous day - Maryke van Staden, Coordinator Climate & Air Team, Coordinator of the CCP Campaign, ICLEI Europe, Germany

New fuels – the need for urban planning and new infrastructure – Karl Otto Schallaböck, Deputy Head of Research Group Future Energy and Mobility Structures, Wuppertal Institute for Climate and Environment, Germany [ Abstract ] [ Presentation ]

Development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in urban areas - Michael Weltin, Strategy and Business Development, E-Mobility@E.ON, Germany        [ Abstract ] [ Presentation ]

10:00 – 10:30   Break

10:30 – 12:00   Parallel Workshops

A2: Concept development: renewables and integrated sustainable urban mobility


New fuels and renewable sources are important elements of a sustainable urban transport and mobility strategy, but they will have to be combined with other measures to make a holistic approach. Cities has demonstrated how they plan and integrate renewable energy and new technologies into their sustainable transport strategies. Challenging concepts  has been presented leading to interesting discussions with the participants.

B2: Renewable Energy for Individual Transport
and Car-Sharing


The introduction of e-car technology is providing various challenges to users and producers. The acceleration of its introduction might lead to new mobility models and change the roles of car manufacturers into mobility service providers. Interesting and challenging options for cooperation and linkages to public transport and integrated service concepts can result from these developments. Various state of the art models for car-sharing and e-bikes has been presented and discussed.


Facilitator: Carsten Rothballer, Climate Policy Officer, ICLEI Europe, Germany [ Presentation ]
  • Planning and using biofuels in Stockholm Gustaf Landhal, Head of Planning and Environment Department, Environment and Health Administration, City of Stockholm, Sweden [ Abstract ] [ Presentation ]
  • City of Barcelona and its electric car plan - Ramon Pruneda, Project Coordinator, Strategic Factors, Barcelona City Council, Spain [ Abstract ] [ Presentation ]
  • Carbon responsible transport - Michael Glotz-Richter, Senior Project Manager, City of Bremen, Germany  [ Abstract ] [ Presentation 1 2 3 4 5 ]


Facilitator: Marissa Walzer, Renewable Energy Consultant, Endura Kommunal GmbH, Germany
  • Electric Car Sharing - Matthieu Graindorge, European Project Manager, Mobility Department, Urban Community of La Rochelle, France [ Abstract ]      [ Presentation ]
  • Car sharing and hybrid cars – Andreas Leo,Corporate Communications Manager for Germany, Daimler AG, Germany 
  • Bicycles and renewables: a complementary choice? – Kevin Mayne, Vice president, European Cyclists' Federation (ECF), United Kingdom               [ Abstract ] [ Presentation ]

12:00 – 13:00     Lunch 

13:00 – 14:45    Plenary 5 

Perspectives & role of renewables in urban mobility: needs & expectations


This plenary consisted of a riveting discussion panel which brought together several stakeholders – car industry, local governments, energy suppliers and environmental organisations – to discuss their different views on the future of renewables in urban mobility. It has been a unique opportunity to understand diverse perspectives and get the „whole picture“ of this dynamic and multifaceted topic. It has also been an occasion for exploring a joint and constructive approach to address the challenges and opportunities offered by this innovative field.

Facilitator: Wolfgang Teubner, Executive Director, ICLEI Europe, Germany

Peter Dolejsi, Mobility and Sustainable Transport Director, European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), Belgium

Michael Weltin, Strategy and Business Development, E-Mobility@E.ON, Germany

Chris Bowers, Consultant and Editor, European Federation for Transport and Environment, Belgium

Eicke R. Weber, Director, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Michael Glotz- Richter, Senior Project Manager, City of Bremen, Germany

Gustaf Landahl, Head of Planning and Environment Department, Environment and Health Administration, City of Stockholm, Sweden


15:00 – 15:30    Plenary 6

Summary and Outlook

Presentation of key findings and messages of the Local Renewables 2010 Conference, with a final summary and a future outlook on urban sustainable mobility.

Main messages and reflections of Local Renewables 2010 Conference – Rian Van Staden, Principle Consultant, Intelligent Renewable Energy, Freiburg, Germany

Farewell to participants.