Freiburg, as one of Europe's hot spots for Solar Energy and a model-city when it comes to providing citizens with sustainable transportation, offers the perfect setting for exploring the integration of local renewable energy into urban transport. In order to get an inspiring insight of the opportunities and initiatives to be discussed in the following days, a series of Study Tours within the surroundings of Freiburg were organised for the afternoon of 13 October. 

On Wednesday 13 October 2010, at 19:00, participants were invited to the networking event “Freiburger Solarnacht" (Solar Night), organised at Fraunhofer ISE in the framework of the conference series “Solar Summits Freiburg”. The Solar Summit 2010 has taken place this year shortly before “Local Renewables Freiburg 2010”, and has focused on “Solar Mobility – Battery Systems, Fuel Cells and Biofuels for Sustainable Electromobility”.

This networking event allowed participants and speakers of both events to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for conversation and discussion and interaction with each other as well as with the Fraunhofer ISE staff, representatives of the solar industry and from the Solar Region Freiburg in an informal setting. This event included a dinner buffet, live music performances and a walking act.

The City of Freiburg has kindly taken over the Solar Night costs for the Local Renewables 2010 participants.


Study tours will be organised to show interesting and innovative sustainable energy solutions in practice - successful examples of
renewable energy, energy efficiency and urban transport initiatives in the Green City and Solar Region of Freiburg.

Tours are open to all conference participants. Detailed descriptions and required pre-registration are available on the conference

  • T.1: Visit to Vauban District

Find out about the urban development of this highly ecological district. A former military base redeveloped in the 1990s into a new district for 5.000 inhabitants, Vauban is an internationally known model of sustainable urban planning. During this study tour you will learn more about the mobility concept, renewable energy, citizen engagement and low-, passive-, zero- and surplus energy buildings.
Organiser: Innovation Academy e.V.

  • T.2: Exploring future urban mobility at “Mobile”, Freiburg’s centre for ecomobility

Explore “Mobile” the centre of ecomobility, a trendsetting project, where ecomobility services are combined with social measures to help people reintegrate into the job market. The study tour will include a short presentation of the centre´s history and future, including the innovative “MobilityPoint“ urban mobility concept, a guided tour around the building, its automated bike park and car-sharing concept. Participants will have the chance to test various electric vehicles (from foldable e-bikes to e-scooters).
Organiser: Mobile

  • T.3: Freiburg Traffic Tour

On this tour you will explore the main traffic junctions in Freiburg and get further information about the traffic concept in Freiburg and the connection between town planning and traffic planning. You also have the chance to learn more about the streetcars which run with ecological electricity. On this study tour you will travel around Freiburg in one of the streetcars of the VAG, Freiburger Verkehrs AG, a city owned company for traffic planning and management.
Organiser: VAG, Freiburger Verkehrs AG