Green City Freiburg: Solutions for Sustainability

The city of Freiburg, located in the Blackforest region in the extreme South-West of Germany, is a global leader in sustainability and one of the birth places of the environmental protection movements.
“Freiburg Green City” has become a model for many communities not only in the utilisation and founding of renewable energy sources in urban planning, but also in promoting local public transport and bicycle infrastructure.  


Photographer: Karl- Heinz Raach



The "Green City" label of Freiburg represents a combination of many ideals which compliment each other, and forms a solid and unified communal environmental and climate protection policy. As a "Green City" Freiburg has become a model for cities and communities across the globe. This recognition motivates us, to develop new ideas and work harder towards achieving our goals.


Dr. Dieter Salomon, Mayor of the City of Freiburg


International delegations come to Freiburg to see its progressions in sustainability, which is visible in Freiburg´s urban planning and urban design, where diverse construction styles range from low energy buildings to plus energy houses.
The city serves as a good example for the combination of waste management and energy production.

The city of Freiburg is also a national leader in terms of job creation (today more than 10,000 people are employed in the environmental sector), economic growth and hosts numerous international organisations. (see members of the cluster "Green City of Freiburg" )


Fast facts:

  • Over 50% of the city’s electricity is generated from combined heat and power plants.
  • The private car density in Freiburg is only 423 vehicles per 1,000 persons, extremely low compared to other major German cities.
  • Freiburg boasts an approx. 420 Km–long network of cycle tracks and lanes and over 9,000 bicycle parking racks.
  • 50% of the city area are nature protection and landscape conservation areas.
  • 700 hectares of public green space.


 Photographer: Karl- Heinz Raach


  • In 2010 Freiburg was named German Federal Capital for Climate Protection.
  •  The city was a European Green Capital Award Finalist in 2009.
  • Four citizens of Freiburg have received the prestigious German Environmental Award.
  • Freiburg is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors.


Green City Freiburg is not just a marketing term, but stands as a synonym for exemplary implementation of climate protection and sustainability, which is maintained by all political parties and actively supported by the citizens.